For most entrepreneurs owning a small business, they get to a point they feel owned. They feel like their business should be more, or different than what they had hoped it would be. They feel their business isn’t a representation of themselves. We call that domestication. Wright Stuff Media is the antidote to the be-like-everyone-else information that small business owners are flooded with. We provide perspective-shifting content via podcast episodes, articles and videos — as well as books, speaking and coaching – to cut through the noise and deliver content that hustling entrepreneurs really need

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Just wanted to thank Brandon Wright for his help with our company Northwest Produce. Brandon came in, walked our business and was quickly able to analyze our processes and financials. With Brandon’s help, we implemented changes that helped us with our business processes and cash flow, as well as renegotiated some of our overhead expenses down. Brandon was very professional, helpful and could explain concerns in our terminology. We are grateful for Brandon’s help.

Mike and Leisa Grasmick

An Excellent Mind

Brandon has an excellent mind for seeing the problem and visualizing the solution. His coaching has allowed me to make great strides in my business. As an entrepreneur sometimes I have a hard time seeing the forrest through the trees. In those moments Brandon’s council has allowed me to step back and refocus on my bigger strategy. Also his passion for life, thurst for knowledge, and positivity are a great inspiration for me personally. Anyone who coaches with Brandon will see tangible positive changes in their business and personal life. 5 Star and highly recommended!

Craig Henders
Carpet Clean Team


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Free-thinking entrepreneurs build and create from their heart and soul. With this spirit in mind, founder Brandon Wright created Wright Stuff Media. As chief storyteller, Brandon and Wright Stuff Media change how you see reality, yourself, your beliefs and the marketplace. You will come to realize that everything you need to be happy and successful is already inside you. Brandon and the team members are here to share their varied perspectives that will challenge you to be the best version of your free-thinking self. Why compete with everyone else when you can be unique?

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