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Brandon believes you should listen to others but think for yourself. A free-thinking entrepreneur who made his own rules after a series of hardships, Brandon quickly learned there is no how-to manual for entrepreneurship. He struggled to make ends meet for years, but made the bold decision in 1999 to purchase an existing carpet cleaning business with a customer list of only 30 individuals that had only been in business for two months. Through hard work, creative networking tactics and unmatched customer service, Brandon’s leadership grew UltraClean into a $2.4 million business, expanding its services over the years to include water damage restoration, a 24/7 service for home emergencies.

Since selling his business in 2016, Brandon has turned his focus into helping other entrepreneurs embrace their free-thinking spirit. Brandon sees a major obstacle in the entrepreneurial community: small business ownership means most entrepreneurs are owned. The problem is they have been domesticated, which makes them blind to potential. As host of Wright Stuff Radio and founder of Wright Stuff Media, Brandon is the Chief Storyteller, sharing stories, insights and ideas that are the antidote of the be-like-everyone-else information that small business owners are flooded with. Brandon and his team change how you see reality, yourself, your beliefs and the marketplace. Their mission is to change perspective.

My Favorite Quote

You must be the change you wish to see in the world Mahatma Gandhi

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