The creation of the Free Thinking Entrepreneur concept and podcast purpose

This is the Free Thinking Entrepreneur, interviews with those that have thoughts, ideas, and stories of their life and business that will help you change your perspective. These conversations will challenge you to be the best version of your free thinking self. Our mission is to change perspective and see what others don’t. Brandon Wright is the Chief Storyteller from Wright Stuff Media. In this episode he tells his story and how he developed the Free Thinking Entrepreneur concept.


Getting hurt in gym I tweaked my back. This was one of the biggest weeks for me to launch some business events along with two keynote speeches I was to make. I tried multiple things to fix my back and it didn’t work, it actually made it worse. It made me reflect back upon my business, when I have problems. I think when we are struggling we look for the quick fix, but it doesn’t work that way. When we have problems, it takes time. Hear is my story of relating physical pain to the pains in my business life.

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