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Based in Austin, Texas, Justin Foster believes that nothing matters until you connect to the heart.  And that when you connect to the heart, it changes how you live, lead and brand. Along a journey that started on a cattle ranch in eastern Oregon to 49 states and 6 countries, Justin has worked with leaders of every sector and industry to help them create vibrant, relevant, mission-based brands. Co-founder of the branding firm Root + River, Justin is a relentlessly optimistic advocate for unleashing the power of being human – and a vocal supporter of leaders who want to eliminate all that is average and stale in their organizations.

You feel it. A sense of unease that something is off with your company’s brand.

We call this DRIFT. Your job to market the company is more difficult than ever because it’s expected that you keep marketing in the face of this drift: disengaged employees, an aging customer base and new, more agile competition.

We get it because we’ve been there! So we are exited to have a vigorous discussion with you on what do do about it.

In this webinar, Root + River teaches you:
– How to identify the top 5 signs of drift
– How to explain it to the leadership team without getting fired
– Where to start if given the charter to fix drift

My Favorite Quote

“The mission is in the suffering.” ~ Me

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