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One of the things of a Free Thinking Entrepreneur that makes them special are the thoughts and ideas that come and go. I like to think of myself as creative thought thinker, I get these ideas once in awhile that come with such clarity that I can figure out a solution to a problem or maybe some business strategy that I’ve never heard of that will help me dominate. Sometimes that idea doesn’t come in the beginning of my thought process about the situation, sometimes it just happens during the oddest of times. And when that thought comes, I can see the problem, the solution, the system, and the mindset I must be in to execute it.

Here is where I’m good at and where I’m not. Many times when it’s my problem, it is harder for me to come up with a solution versus when you tell me your problem. If it’s your problem I can give you a fix right a lot quicker. I’ve always wondered why sometimes I’m just blind to my own problems. Here is what I’ve come up with.

When I’m talking to you about a problem or opportunity I have the ability to get clarification by asking you lot’s of questions. When I start to gleam the information I need to get the facts, the situation and who and what’s involved, I continue to ask questions. Then as I feel like I might have an idea of where we need to go to dig deeper, I ask more questions to get to the root of what it is that we are solving. Sometimes, the question “why” needs to be asked after each answer, followed by another question of “why”, until we get so deep that we find some good raw, emotions, facts, perceptions, and find what it is that we really need to know.

So if I ask you lot’s and lot’s of questions, to get to that point, how do you take off your blinders to your own problems, or opportunities? Sometimes I just can’t. Sometimes I can find my own answers, but sometimes I just can’t. I need someone to take me through that questioning process that I do for others. Depending on the subject of what it is, I have different people for different things that I reach out to. I have confidence that they can help guide me to that point of getting to the place of seeing what I don’t see for myself.

This is why I think having the right friends, mentors, or business coach has to be one of the most important people in your life. To make your mind Free Thinking, it has to come from a deep introspective place within our minds that we can access. How we access that has to be some type of inspiration to get ideas flowing, that you are finding deep thoughts that will change you, your situation or your business.

There are times that I come up with a business idea, I can see it from start to finish, the impact and result it could have. But then I need to get feedback on seeing what I don’t see, that helps me make what the idea is even more impactful. As an entrepreneur we can only build a business that is unique by being different and thinking differently. That’s where the change comes, that’s where we get these crazy ideas that just might work, that will change our life or our business. That’s why the Free Thinking Entrepreneurs business is different, because they are that and they embrace that.

So let me ask you, where do your ideas come from? How do you dig deeper to get to the root of a problem? Solving that problem to make it into an opportunity, what is your process for you? We are all different, we just need to find what works for us.

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