What is a Free Thinking Entrepreneur

I love this term Free Thinking Entrepreneur. It describes a certain person but yet it doesn’t define who they are, how they are, or what they do. A free thinker is someone who thinks for themselves, they are undomesticated. They don’t allow others or society to dictate what they do, or how they do it. It’s like a rebel, but it isn’t. It’s someone who has the confidence and the emotional intelligence to build their business around what their thoughts or ideas are.

One of the greatest examples I can think of, is Steve Jobs from Apple. I typically don’t like to use those from large corporations, huge successes can seem unrealistic for a small business owner, but this fits. Steve Jobs had a vision of building a phone, a music player, and a mini computer into one device. That device is now the iphone. Many of us take for granted the phone we use and the products we use on a daily basis from Apple, and not realize that it came from the vision of one man dedicated to his mission, and his vision.

Just like in the previous blog you read or watched a little about my story. I’m a Free Thinker, this wasn’t a term that I thought of myself as during my years of building my business. It’s a term that I could only describe myself after realizing what I did, how I thought, and what it was that made my business a success. My previous company that I just sold was a disaster restoration company. I had lots of competition locally, just like it is all over the country as it’s an easy business to get into. You can make good money, but it’s competitive, just in my area I had about 100 competitors. I knew that if I was to be like everyone else, I would struggle, and never build the kind of company that I wanted. I wanted a company that wasn’t seen as another contractor, I wanted to be known as a specialist. Where someone would have a need for my company’s service, and instead of the typical get three bids, I wanted people to just hire me. I knew I needed a reputation where people would just hire our company because they trusted us due to who we were and what their perception of us was.

It wasn’t until 2015 when I saw customers hire us based upon someone’s recommendation or our brand that I knew we had reached that point. It wasn’t just our marketing that brought these customers, it’s what the customers perceived our company to be. Our brand was trust, it was what they heard about us, and who we were that they hired. It wasn’t just hire Brandon, it was hire this company because of this……. It came down to our values, our focus as a company, our processes, and what it was that we were truly about. We weren’t there to clean up a disaster, we were there to help them cope with the trauma that was forced upon them. Our slogan said it all “Relax, it’s our mess now.”

Our company was truly different, from the culture, how we managed our relationships, to supporting our community that supported us. We became known for the people we were, not the just the business that we were in. It was the Free Thinking that allowed myself to create this unique business model. We were just different.

As a Free Thinking Entrepreneur, it’s about building the business on the inside and the outside. It’s not letting society, competition, or the old adage of “this is the way it’s been done for years” to shape how you think. When compete in the marketplace, we need to be seen differently, we need that differentiation that separates us from everyone else. It’s realizing that most businesses are the same, yet people are all different from each other. So the quest for a Free Thinking Entrepreneur who recognizes that says “how can I build my business to be like me, someone who is unique, and different”. So when someone hires the business regardless of the size we become, the business is built around my beliefs, my thoughts and ideas that I’ve built around. Really, the customer is buying those beliefs, not the product or service.

You can see in all markets, there are those that have a great reputation, they even charge more, and at the same time they dominant in their marketplace. Have you thought about how they reached that level of success? When you look at them do you recognize what’s different about them than their competition? The real question is can you identify what it is that they are really known for and why? That’s what we all want.

The type of business that is built by the Free Thinking Entrepreneur comes from the heart and soul of the entrepreneur. There isn’t any other business built like it, and it is unique. And as the Free Thinking Entrepreneur seeks the three staples that I call Fun, Freedom, and Profit, they can only be achieved by seeking from within ourselves. I haven’t always been a Free Thinker in my business, I had to look inside myself, and once I found that, I needed to act and build my business around that. It’s when I started listening to my gut, and not everyone around me, that I had that freedom, and with that came the money.

That’s how Wright Stuff Media came to be developing the Free Thinking Entrepreneur. Our mission is to change perspective. I can’t tell you how you should think, but what I can do is to get you to think about what’s inside of yourself so that what you know already will allow you to think for yourself. That’s why we say “We believe you should listen to others, but think for yourself”. You already have what inside you, if you listen and act then you are like me a Free Thinking Entrepreneur

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